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S. Breaker

S. Breaker (Sara Bellcamp) lives in New Zealand with her husband and two kids. She writes offbeat, easy reading YA/NA science fiction and fantasy books.

Suburban mum by day and author by night, she loves to live vicariously through her characters. They don’t have to vacuum all day long and are almost always guaranteed to survive any fantastical or thrilling incidents, no matter how treacherous she writes them.

They're after you. But which you...?

- "Selfless Series" by S. Breaker


Selfless Series

Mistaken for her imperiled, notorious genius scientist alter ego, Laney's accidental trip to a parallel world could very quickly turn very deadly.

Fans of the Loki multiverse and Claudia Gray's Firebird series will enjoy this fun, fast-paced sci-fi adventure...where nobody is exactly who they seem. Even you!

Mistaken identities. Parallel worlds. Government conspiracies. Out of time. Save the multiverse. Save yourself. Don't get erased. Ready?

The complete series is available now.

"Of all the dimensions in all the multiverses in all the worlds, she stumbles into theirs..."

Curse Yourself is a slice of life, satire crossover between S. Breaker's two completed YA series: her sci-fi series “Selfless” and her epic fantasy series "The Curse of the Arcadian Stone: Nameless Fay.” Exclusively available with the Ink and Incantation anthology.

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